September 19, 2017

Where to Publish

When it comes to pediatric palliative research, there is no single journal

From our monthly Trends in Pediatric Palliative Care Citation Lists we tracked the annual trends for 2016 (March-December) and found 235 different articles from 104 different journals. This high number of journals ranged from the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management (38 citations) to the American Journal of Bioethics (1 citation). Figure 1 shows the top 10 journals where we found our 2016 citations, and it also lists the 2016 impact factor for each of the top publications. We recommend keeping these journals in mind when deciding where to submit pediatric palliative research.

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Want to find out what has recently been published in these popular journals on topics in pediatric palliative care? Follow the links to see the search results in our library:

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Based on our analysis we found that the most popular journals in the field (pictured above) do not necessarily correlate with the journals which have the highest impact factors (listed below).