A Network for Accessible, Sustainable, and Collaborative Research in Pediatric Palliative Care PedPalASCNET

Trainees and Students

One of PedPalNET’s objectives was to train and establish new investigators capable of undertaking research relevant to understanding pediatric palliative care. Furthermore, PedPalASCNET will continue to build research capacity. A major component of capacity building was the focus on trainees who were supervised either directly as Research Trainees or Affiliated Students who were mentored at other universities. We wish to acknowledge the students and trainees of PedPalNET.

Trainee or Student Level Discipline
Aara Amidi-Nouri PhD Nursing
Stephanie Avery RN/MSc Nursing
Harvey Bosma PhD Social Work
Karen Cook PhD Nursing
Sarah Derman Masters Nursing
RaĆ­ssa Passos dos Santos PhD Nursing
Meaghen Fletcher-Johnston PhD Social Work
Marie-Claude Gregoire MD/PhD Interdisciplinary Studies
Jodi Hamelin Masters Social Work
Greenly Ho PhD Psychology
Hazel Gutierrez Ramirez MD Pediatrics
Jenny Hynson PhD Pediatrics
Kimberley Kennedy Masters Social Work
Nicky Paley Masters Counselling Psychology
Lillian Rallison PhD Nursing
Adam Rapoport Masters Bioethics
Harprit Singh Masters Biomedical Ethics
Gail Teachman OT/PDF Views on Interdisciplinary Childhood Ethics
Christy Torkildson PhD Nursing
Tara Tucker Masters Education
Alyssa Walls Erickson PhD Nursing
Kim Widger PhD Nursing