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Our Goal

The ultimate goal of PedPalASCNET is to determine, through research, the interventions that are most effective in strengthening positive and mitigating negative outcomes of children with life-threatening conditions and the relative impact on their families. PedPalASCNET links researchers located across Canada, and engages in resource sharing, capacity building and knowledge translation.

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Analysis & Commentary

Each month our team selects the most recent research published in the pediatric palliative community. From these citations one of our researchers selects 1-3 articles to analyze and comment on. We circulate these citations and commentaries through our mailing list.

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Latest Publications

PedPalASCNET team members have published extensively nationally and internationally about pediatric palliative care. Click above to find out more about publications featuring one or more of our team members. Some of the articles are available for free while others are subscription based.

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A pediatric palliative care library featuring a searchable database of over 4,000 carefully selected articles, book publications, and editorials with external links for full text access. This resource is easily searchable and provides a good overview of current and past research in pediatric palliative care. Every month we update the library with 20-40 newly published articles retrieved from relevant medical databases.

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