January 1, 2011

Pillars of Pediatric Palliative Care Research

While the number of children requiring palliative care is small relative to adults the impact of a child’s serious illness and death is extensive, affecting not only the family but the entire community. Moreover, the illnesses that affect children are quite distinct. Palliative care for children must comprehensively address the body, mind and spirit, and requires an inter-disciplinary approach; it is also inclusive of parents and siblings.

Foundational research in pediatric palliative care is required to address the range of needs of the child and the impact of a child’s illness and death on parents, siblings, extended family, peers, communities and health professionals. Fortunately, research capacity is increasing in this important field of pediatric research.

The following diagram represents the overlapping themes that have provided a framework for PedPalNET’s interdisciplinary research program. PedPalASCNET’s research agenda will also be guided by this framework. A summary of PedPalNET and PedPalASCNET’s research highlights are available here.


Thematic Areas of Focus